Roller Mixer

Now you can have the quality of a New Concept Grain Roller Mill, along with the convenience of a portable mixer. You will appreciate the quality of rolled and more nutricious feed along with the ability to mix your supplements and minerals in one operation. Large tires provide good stability on wet and unstable ground, allowing plenty of ground clearance. The unloading auger will reach into feed bins or feeder bunks. This machine provides rapid and consistent feed mixing blends.

Advantages Options
Suitable for all commodities Hydraulic Loading Auger
155 Bushel Tank Electronic Weigh Scales
2 Full Length Tank Inspection Windows Hydraulic operated lift and swing for unloading auger
Feed Sample Port 200 Bushel Tank Extension
Supplement Input Hopper Vegetable oil/ Inoculant injection tank
8 ” x 20 ’ Hydraulic Unloading Auger Self contained Hydraulic System
Heavy Duty gear box for mixing auger Stationary Electric Mixers
Roof mounted access door and internal ladder Evening Work Lights
  Heat treated Hardened Rollers
  1000rpm PTO drive with over running clutch

Model # NCRM 22xx NCRM 30xx NCRM 42xx
Roller Length 22" 30" 42"
Roller Shaft Size 2 - 2/16" 2 - 3/16" 2 - 7/16"
Tractor Required 40 hp 50 hp 60 hp
Capacity 450 Bushel/ hr 10.5 Ton/ hr 600 Bushel/ hr 14.5 Ton/ hr 900 Bushel/ hr 22.5 Ton/ hr

Roller Diameter (xx) available: 10”, 16” and 20”

( Capacity: Average Quantity in Bushels per Hour )