Roller / Bagger Mill

Save time at harvest and increase the value of your feed by rolling your grain and storing in air tight silage bags. Increased daily beef gains and dairy milk production from maintained nutritional values. Rolled grains produce a more palatable feed and offer efficient nutrition utilization by all herds. Bags hold 20-45 bushels per foot. Bag Sizes: 5’ - 10’ Diameter and lengths of 100 - 500 feet long. Cost of storage averages less than 8 cents/bushel.

Advantages Options
Flexible storage method for all moisture levels / Perfect for any commodities Hydraulic Loading Auger
Higher valuable and nutritious feed / Reduced Dry Matter loss / Smaller exposed feed out area Hopper Extensions
Save drying and handling costs / Rapid storage for large quantities Operating Night Lights
Low Investment costs / Short payback period compared to silage bunkers and silos Electric Bag & Drum Winch
Storage of wet corn for Bio-Ethanol production Acid Preservative & Inoculant Injection System
Machine easy to operate and maintain (one operator) Interchangeable tunnels sizes
  Heat treated hardened Rollers
  1000 rpm PTO drive with over running clutch
  Roll-up hopper cover

Model # NCRM 30xx NCRM 42xx
Roller Length 30" 42"
Roller Shaft Size 2 - 3/16" 2 - 7/16"
Tractor Required 60 hp 75 hp
Capacity 575 Bushel/ hr
14.5 Ton/ hr
900 Bushel/ hr
22.5 Ton/ hr

Roller Diameter (xx) available: 10”, 16” and 20”

( Capacity: Average Quantity in Bushels per Hour )